New Jersey Insurance Company Launches Initiative to Insure Teachers

Donnelly & Sproul, Inc., one of New Jersey’s oldest insurance agencies, wants to make sure teachers in their community are taken care of.

GLEN ROCK, NJ (July 30, 2013) — Donnelly & Sproul, Inc. is pleased to announce their latest initiative to serve teachers by providing quality insurance coverage at the best prices. A full service insurance agency, Donnelly & Sproul has created several new initiatives to ensure that those who are taking an active role on the strength of our communities have a place to be served.

Company President Brian Kane stated, “New Jersey’s teachers are extremely important to …

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Important Motorcycle Insurance Considerations

During the summer, Americans love to enjoy their motorcycles, particularly in northern climates that are not always conducive to riding your bike in the winter time. If you are thinking about buying a new motorcycle for the summer, there are some insurance considerations to be aware of:

The Age and Model of the Bike: Insurance carriers will likely consider how old the motorcycle is that you are purchasing and the manufacturer. A newer, flashier bike will likely cost more for insurance than an older model from a less known brand. The value of the bike is the major consideration here, …

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How Does Drunk Driving Affect Your Insurance

Brian Kane, an agent with Donnelly & Sproul Insurance in New Jersey, says the effect of a DWI can vary dramatically based on a driver’s background. Factors such as age, credit score and previous driving history sometimes carry as much weight as the DUI itself. Some drivers who are slapped with DUIs “get unlucky,” Kane says, “and may otherwise be a responsible person.” (Read the full article)…

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How Home Improvements May Affect Your Homeowner Insurance

For most of July and the first half of August, we celebrate Air Conditioning Appreciation Days in the U.S. and Americans from New Jersey to Arizona certainly appreciate the relief of having that fresh cool air on these hot summer days. In addition to enjoying the air conditioning we already have, summer is also a great time to think about getting a new HVAC unit and making other improvements to your home. Before you start your home renovation project, it is a good idea to take a look at your insurance needs both during and after the project is complete.…

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How to Get the Most from Pet Insurance

Many dog and cat owners today are finding it difficult to pay the medical bills for their animals. And with pet care costs continually on the rise, many are turning to pet health insurance to address this need. The challenge is that pet insurance is relatively new and many are confused about what kind of policy they need for their family pets.

Here are some basic guidelines to choosing the right pet health policy and getting the most from your insurance coverage:

Consider Your Budget:

The first thing to consider when choosing pet insurance is what you are able to …

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