Auto Insurance

Your car is a large investment. A car insurance policy is designed to protect your assets, the car itself, while covering damages you may cause to other people. Accidents do happen, and being prepared to deal with the consequences is important.

Attention to your New Jersey car insurance can save premium dollars and assure proper claims payments if ever needed.

The basic auto coverage is liability insurance.

Automobile liability insurance pays for bodily injuries and property damages caused by at fault accidents. The policy covers up to the limits of liability, then personal assets pay the balance of any claims. For this reason, higher affordable limits are recommended. The cost of your defense is always covered.

Personal automobile coverage allows for business use of a car, but not a truck, even a pick up. Let your insurance professional at Donnelly and Sproul fill in the details as to whether you need a business or personal auto insurance policy.

Even people who don’t own cars should have a liability policy in New Jersey if they drive occasionally.

Protect your asset.

Cars represent a large investment. Collision insurance pays for physical damage to your car if damage occurs as a result of a collision with another car, if your car overturns, or if you hit an inanimate object. Choose a deductible that represents the amount of money you are willing to pay for damage without insurance. Collision insurance also pays in the event you are a victim of a hit and run.

Weather related losses such as hailstorms or floods are covered.  Theft, fire, vandalism or riots are also covered. Glass breakage falls under comprehensive insurance except when cause by a collision. Damage caused by animals covered under this section as well.

In any physical damage claim, payment is limited to the actual cash value of the car or the cost of repairs less deductible. As the car gets older and depreciates, the value of this coverage decreases. At some point, it makes sense to delete physical damage coverage.

What happens when an uninsured motorist damages you or your car?

There are uninsured people operating in New Jersey, putting other drivers’ health and assets at risk. The responsible driver’s uninsured motorist coverage fills in this coverage gap. The uninsured motorist payout will spur the company on to collect from the uninsured driver. Since you are at the mercy of the uninsured, it can make sense to increase this coverage. We always recommend matched limits.

Other Coverage

Special equipment or adaptations require special endorsements on the policy. Sound equipment,  custom lights or wheels need to be listed separately as additions to the policy. Ask your specialist at Donnelly and Sproul for details.

Helpful Tips

Review your liability coverage with buying an umbrella policy in mind. Ask us to find the lowest cost combination of policies to maximize coverage limits.

Many insurance companies will negotiate premiums based on handling several policies for the same risk. One way to reduce costs: have your Donnelly and Sproul agent review your NJ homeowner’s policy, auto policy, and umbrella liability policy.

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