Plumbers Insurance

Donnelly & Sproul has been in the business of meeting the insurance needs of New Jersey businesses and residents since 1927. As an independent insurance agency, we are committed to the same ideals and traditions that served us and our customers so well nearly 90 years ago.

We believe that treating you honestly and fairly while making sure you have the right insurance to meet your needs is our primary mission. The same holds true whether you’re insuring your home or your commercial plumbing business.

Why Buy Plumbing Insurance for Your Business?

If you’re in the plumbing business, then plumbing contractors insurance coverage is a necessity — not an option. One of the primary reasons this type of insurance is so important is to protect yourself, and your business, from liability claims made against you.

No matter how careful you are or how many policies you put into place in order to avoid mistakes – mistakes happen. In the plumbing business, small mistakes today can result in expensive problems down the line.

The problem is that you don’t have to have done anything wrong to find yourself facing a liability lawsuit as a plumber. The litigation cost alone is well worth the investment in a solid plumbing business insurance plan.

Types of Plumbing Insurance Coverages

There is more than one type of liability your plumbing business may need protection from. Make sure your plumbing insurance liability coverage includes each of the following types of coverage at minimum.

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • Medical payments liability
  • Completed operations and products liability
  • Advertising liability
  • Independent contractor’s liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Professional liability or errors and omissions coverage
  • Umbrella liability insurance – perhaps one of the most important as it shields all the other liability policies that exceed their policy limits – up to the policy limits of the umbrella coverage.

While it is true that liability is one of the most important types of policies for plumbing business owners to have, it is certainly not the only type of insurance you need for your business.

Other Types of Plumbing Insurance You Need for Your Plumbing Business

In addition to the liability coverage, which is very important, you also need to consider protecting your tools, equipment, business property, and vehicles. These following types of insurance will help with that.

  • Business Owners Policy.  This is a standard plan that offers limited protection for general liability, business property (building and inventory), signage, and business interruption insurance.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  In the state of New Jersey if your plumbing business has employees, the odds are good that you are legally required to provide this protection for your employees. Even if it isn’t legally required, it can protect your business from potential lawsuits if employees are injured on the job.
  • Tools & Equipment & Installation Floaters covers tools & equipment on the jobsite or in transit.
  • Business Auto Insurance. Protects your business from liability related to auto accidents. If employees bring their own vehicles to work in, it’s worth investing in a policy that offers liability coverage for vehicles not owned by the business. Otherwise your business could be on the line for anything exceeding your employees’ liability coverage after an accident.

There may, in fact, be more insurance coverage needs that are unique to your business or the area in which you operate your business. That’s why it’s so important to work with independent insurance agencies, like Donnelly & Sproul to identify and meet coverage requirements that are unique to the plumbing business you operate.