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June 25, 2014
Quantum Home® Rate Change in New Jersey
Age of Roof as a Rating Variable for New Business Homeowner Policies
Quantum Auto 2.0® Resources
New Jersey CSR Recognized as an Agency High Achiever
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Quantum Home®/High Value Home Rate Change in New Jersey
Travelers is making adjustments to our home product in New Jersey.
New Quantum Home/High Value Home rates
o The timing is effective:
July 11, 2014 for new business
August 30, 2014 for renewals
Expected impact to your customers
o We are improving Homeowners new business pricing, making Homeowners rates more competitive in our target market. New business premiums for these customers will vary based on risk characteristics, but the premiums can be reduced by as much as 10% .
o The overall impact statewide for renewal customers is approximately +4.5%.
What is changing?
o Base rate revision
o Other targeted adjustments
Tips to help offset customer rate impacts
o Rounding out accounts with a Travelers automobile policy can help minimize the rate change
o Increasing deductibles may also help offset rate impacts
Please Note: As always, we will honor quotes for 30 days from the quote date.
Age of Roof as a Rating Variable for New Business Homeowner Policies
Beginning July 11, 2014, Age of Roof will be used as a rating variable for new business homeowner policies in New Jersey. This rating adjustment is an important advancement in our homeowner underwriting and pricing strategy. In-progress quotes that are not completed prior to July 11, 2014 will include age of roof rating.
As you know, over the past year we have made some essential changes to our property inspection program, supporting our combined efforts to manage the profitability of our property insurance products.
Roof Inspection Program
A roof inspection may be ordered for some of your customers to assess the current roof condition (customers will receive a letter in advance of the inspection).
Within the Quote & Issue System, when applicable, a message will appear stating “Exterior and Roof Inspections will be ordered.”
The information will be used for underwriting and rating purposes.
The inspector will take photos and may climb onto the roof to complete the roof inspection.
Maintaining policy record information
If your customers replace their roof, a policy change should be completed to update the policy records.
Obtain a completed contractor work order for the new roof and retain in your office file, as a documentation requirement.
For questions, please contact your Personal Insurance Underwriter or Sales Executive.
Quantum Auto 2.0® Resources
Go to to view all our Quantum Auto 2.0 resources. You will find free consumer marketing materials, training videos and more. Your Personal Insurance Sales Executive is ready to assist you with anything you may need to market and sell this great new auto product.
New Jersey CSR Recognized as an Agency High Achiever
Brielle Kane, AAI, of Donnelly and Sproul has been recognized as the April 2014 Agency High Achiever by the Travelers New Jersey sales team. She was selected for her high level of partnership, teamwork and contributions that have further developed the agency’s business relationship with Travelers. Brielle started her career at Donnelly and Sproul, Inc. while in college and joined the agency full time after graduating. She received her AAI (Accredited Advisor in Insurance) designation a year ago.
“Brielle has focused on learning about the insurance industry as much as possible since her first days at the agency. She has come to have an excellent knowledge of our products and is focused on account business and client relationships. Along

with her colleagues, their efforts include developing full accounts,

Dawn Altieri, Rosanna Robinson and Travelers Agency High Achiever Brielle Kane of Donnelly and Sproul, Inc.
showing clients the value of better coverage and the benefit of different payment plans vs. straight installment billing,” said Travelers Sr. Sales Executive Martin Taylor, AIM, CPIA.
“These efforts have helped the agency see an increase in both new business and retention with Travelers in the past 18 months,” Taylor said.
Brielle is an avid traveler, having taken trips to destinations around the world including Colombia, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. She is currently planning her next trip to South East Asia. She feels these experiences help her both personally and professionally.
We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Brielle on her success as well as the full agency for their business and continued partnership.