General Liability Insurance

Donnelly & Sproul has been serving the insurance needs of Glen Rock and surrounding New Jersey small businesses since 1927. We take great pride in that lengthy history and our in-depth knowledge of the insurance coverages these New Jersey small businesses like yours need, such as commercial general liability coverage.

We also understand that each small business is unique and faces different needs when it comes to how much insurance they need. Because we provide custom quotes for each business from contractors to cobblers, your quoted price will be based on your needs as a small business, within an industry, and including other mitigating factors (location, security upgrades, building updates, etc.).

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance protects your business in the event that someone becomes injured as a result of your premises or operations. It will pay for your attorney fees, settlements, and judgments made against your business – according to the policy terms. It will also pay to repair damage to the property of others, as well as for medical care related to people who suffered injury.

Some policies include some general liability coverage in the business owner’s policy. The amount of coverage will vary from one policy to the next and can be  insufficient protection for today’s litigious society.

There are limits to basic general liability coverage – enough that many small businesses feel a need to purchase additional general liability and/or umbrella insurance as part of a robust insurance protection plan.

Why Do You Need Commercial General Liability Coverage?

We live in a litigious society. General liability insurance does not require your business to be found guilty or forced to pay damages in order to cover your legal expenses. The truth is that, a legal defense is expensive – whether you’re guilty or not. This protection alone makes general liability insurance for your business a necessity that brings an incredible peace of mind along with it.

Your business also needs this type of coverage because mistakes and accidents happen. When they are the result of your inability to respond quickly enough or to anticipate a potential problem, then the damages can add up fast. There’s a lawyer on every corner encouraging people who are injured to file a lawsuit and many people do just that.

The other reason you need general liability coverage is that despite the rules and regulations you have in place to prevent accidents and injuries on your property, you are often at the mercy of how well your employees follow those regulations when you’re not there to watch over them. Careless employees can cost your small business a great deal of money if you do not have adequate general liability coverage for your business.

Why Donnelly & Sproul?

Donnelly & Sproul is dedicated to helping New Jersey businesses minimize their risks. We do this by offering a full line of insurance products to protect small businesses and homes throughout the state at a cost they can afford. We believe that trustworthy should be a central part of the definition of any good insurance business and have worked hard since 1927 to earn that trust.

Don’t trust your commercial insurance needs to any insurance company you find in the phone book. Go with one that is part of the community you call home and dedicated to making it better by helping protect its homes and businesses.